The Phoenix Rising

Many of us have times in our lives and moments throughout the year that we consider a restart….reboot…rebirth. New Year’s Eve, Birthdays and other rites of passage are recognized and celebrated for this reason. The symbol of the phoenix rising out of the ash and being born again is not only the essence of my work but also a part of the name…Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I not only practice this as I give and receive sessions, I try to take every opportunity I can to be reborn…to grow. One of those practices is traveling across the country to an event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada every year for an event called Burning Man. This is a time to celebrate love, life, friendships, reunions, art, acceptance and new experiences. The climax of the event is actually gathering around a large structure, “the man”, and watching as it lights up into flames and crumbles to the ground. For me, the most significant part of my experience is at the moment it falls. This is a time to reflect and visualize what I am ready to let go of….what isn’t working for me anymore and to celebrate the birth of a new way of being….a new beginning. I guess this is my New Year’s Eve.

I’m off to the desert tomorrow and open to whatever the event has to offer and for whatever awareness’s present themselves to me.

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