Belong To Yourself

I’ve known for a long time now that I was holding my own self back from growth. We all do from time to time and when we get quiet with ourselves, we all know it to be true. Suddenly, about a week ago, I simply knew it was time to move forward, to let go [...]

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As I approach my birthday, I’m thinking a bit about what my life means. I imagine our bodies being like a simple but beautiful boat that has been gifted to us and how we maintain it is our choice. We can fix it up or let it go. We can add people to the crew [...]

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I am starting a new meditation practice this morning with my husband. Our goal is to continue it on some level throughout 2012 and see what gifts it brings to us personally and as a couple. We’ll be celebrating our 22nd Wedding Anniversary on December 22, 2012 and getting married again. This is one of [...]

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“May I accept whatever life may bring centered in balance, gratitude and delight. May I trust the Divine hand in everything and see beyond life’s hardships to the light.” Johanna Mosca Santosha is a Niyama that means contentment. It is a willingness to accept whatever fate may bring with balance, gratitude and joy. By practicing [...]

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The Phoenix Rising

Many of us have times in our lives and moments throughout the year that we consider a restart….reboot…rebirth. New Year’s Eve, Birthdays and other rites of passage are recognized and celebrated for this reason. The symbol of the phoenix rising out of the ash and being born again is not only the essence of my [...]

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Meeting Imperfection

For all of us, as we begin to self-reflect whether it be during Yoga Therapy sessions or other ways, we can start to have awareness around our imperfections. We can sometimes become overwhelmed considering our poor choices, people we’ve hurt, our anger, dishonesty, misjudgments or our inability to forgive. Although this can be a dark [...]

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The Benefits Of Yoga and Yoga Therapy For Cancer Patients

I read an interesting article recently about fighting cancer with relaxation, breathing and poses. The full article is below. According to it, “practicing yoga promotes healing and relaxation for cancer patients by achieving a strong positive mind, body and spirit connection.” The physical body can have an amazingly positive response to yoga. I can only [...]

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The Benefits of Yoga Therapy For Women During and After Pregnancy

I’ve been reflecting a lot about how blessed I feel to have this work in my life as a giver and a receiver. I only wish I had known about it sooner, especially when I was going through major transitions in my life. My parent’s divorce, the death of my father, and the pregnancies of [...]

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If you don’t know what fracking is, please take a moment to educate yourself about it. YouTube has a trailer for a documentary called GASLAND….this will give you a glimpse of what it is. Lessons are not being learned…our earth continues to be raped. “Do not become lost in assuming that your world is a [...]

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Paddleboarding and Life

For my daughter’s birthday this month, we decided to try paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake. First,  I have to say that I LOVED it and have already booked my next time to go. However, As I got onto the board on my knees (as recommended) and drifted out a bit from the dock I was [...]

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