Belong To Yourself

I’ve known for a long time now that I was holding my own self back from growth. We all do from time to time and when we get quiet with ourselves, we all know it to be true. Suddenly, about a week ago, I simply knew it was time to move forward, to let go of something that has been a crutch for me and holding me back in many ways. Part of me wishes I could describe that moment better but I think it is so different for each of us and so personal. As I let go of this crutch I felt awkward and uncertain at first. After a few days I felt overwhelmed with sadness for all of the time that I had wasted holding onto it and for the people in my life it had an impact on. After a few more days, not having the crutch was my normal…I felt like I had finally stepped off this hamster wheel and was FREE. A few more days passed and I recognized my true self again…I was quieter, softer, and my heart felt open and full of love. This morning, as I watched the sunrise, I noticed another layer lifting. I felt my true spirit wash over and around me like a soft breeze. As tears fell down my face I felt gratitude for it never leaving me and for the strength I had to make room for it again. I’m also humbled by my experience and the amazing ability we as humans have to shift, change, and evolve. Belong to yourself.

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  1. Cari Lynn says:

    The above “Belong to Yourself” impacted me so this morning i cannot even describe. Thank you for giving my flow (like a stream) the momentum it needed …

    As I move in this beautiful direction, into this open space, I can feel myself absorbing the heat from the sun.

    Sometimes, you don’t even realize you don’t fully belong to yourself anymore until that moment, that moment that you do again.

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